It’s cold, wet and a bit miserable out there this week with the rain and cloud cover and it’s playing havoc with our youngest son’s skin. So I thought I would share some advice I got recently from a dermatologist Dr Lio,  that reminded me what I can do to help him.

There are 4 main areas where you can make an eczema sufferer’s life so much better….


  • It’s really important to firstly identify and then where possible, remove things that trigger itchy, allergic skin reactions. For us this means regular vaccuming of carpets, washing with sensitive washing powders, keeping him away from cats, and making sure the shower water is not too hot on his skin.

2. Supporting the Skin Barrier

  • It’s so important to support and strengthen the skin barrier because it keeps the water in our skin and keeps out all the allergens, irritants, bacteria, viruses and even fungus that can enter our skin and worsen eczema. Using natural oils and moisturisers can help protect the barrier. We have been a lot more vigilant lately to make sure his skin is well moisturised to support his skin barrier.

3. Inflammation

  • “The immune system is there to protect us, but with eczema it seems to be going haywire. It attacks the skin barrier, making itch, which causes us to scratch.  We want to slow that inflammation down and there are a number of anti-inflammatory creams that can be used and in more severe cases more powerful systemic medications to help with the itch.” Dr Lio

    The amazing thing about Paeoniflorin (the active ingredient in Peony Root) is it’s anti-inflammatory properties, this means we are reducing inflammation while hydrating his skin using our sensitive cream.

4. Bacteria

  • It is so vital to keep bacteria out of the equasion when it comes to eczema and itchy inflamed skin as it just spirals into infection. Our boys are country kids that ride bikes around our farm and help in all aspects of farming life and so for us washing hands is a bit of a religion! Every night at about 6pm you can hear me call – “wash your hands for dinner” – it sounds a bit old fashioned but I know only too well how it keeps them healthy, and stops infections. Prior to the development of our sensitive soap this simple task wasn’t possible as the eczema on their hands wouldn’t allow any soap to be used.

Best of luck this winter with your skin and please continue to share your stories with us about how you are using our products as we love hearing from you.

Georgia and Dot