Winter is certainly here, and with those beautiful clear crisp days comes that annoying dry itchy skin. Here are some helpful ways to keep on top of it this winter from our team at Dove River Peonies.

Top tips for helping your skin this winter….

  1. Keep your skin hydrated.  Drink plenty of water (and our peony tea!) and keep your skin moisturized (our sensitive cream is 100% natural and specifically designed for sensitive skin).
  2. Avoid common skin irritants (perfumes, chemicals) in cleaning products, shampoos, soaps, shaving cream…..(have you tried our new shaving soap?)
  3. Use an effective natural skin repair on irritated skin – our sensitive cream is fantastic in helping heal sore areas around your nose caused by tissues!
  4. While wool or merino can keep you warm it can irritate skin.  Wear cotton underneath to prevent the irritation.
  5. Boost your immune system.  Our immune boosting peony and blackcurrant tea is perfect at this time of year….add honey if you like it sweet.