8 weeks to a fresher, healthier looking face! Take the challenge!

I am always researching articles about the benefits of White Peony Root and I was so excited to find recently a few articles quoting the following: “Preliminary clinical research suggests that using a cosmetic ingredient containing 0.5% Paeoniflorin, a constituent of peony roots, for 8 weeks can reduce facial wrinkles when compared with baseline (68356).”

We have known for a while from our own use of our product as well as customer feedback about the healing and rejuvenating properties of our night and day cremes but it is always so exciting to find that other people are discovering this as well!

We have a 8 week challenge and to do it you will need to take advantage of our  Night creme this month with a free gift so make sure you don’t miss out! The promotion goes through September. Try the 8 week challenge to get your skin revitalized this Spring!

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