Do you suffer from Eczema or dry itchy skin?….

Dove River Peonies was started by parents of three boys who all have eczema. We had tried everything – Immunologists, specialists, homeopaths, chemists, doctors, other parents, special clothing, special diets, allergy testing, …. and we tried it all again over and over! Our sons continued to suffer from severe eczema.

Nine years later and our eldest has largely grown out of it – which is what many of the doctors we saw suggested might happen. But if we had known of the healing powers of peony root then – we wouldn’t have had to wait and witness his ongoing suffering, or subject him to the quantities of sedating antihistamines and steroids that we have. Today we use our range of peony products to help our sons – and the whole family’s skincare.

If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dry itchy skin or dermatitis then try our range and see if Peony can work for you.

Pure Peony for Sensitive Skin is a creme designed to give  relief from itching and to soothe and calm skin helping it heal. Use when needed or morning and night. Pure Peony for Sensitive Skin uses white peony root, avocado oil and cocoa butter and is unscented. It soothes and re-hydrates dry, irritated and inflamed skin . Used morning and night it will soften, moisturis and calm hands, feet, face, knees, backs, elbows and any area of skin that is itchy and inflamed.

It is a hypoallergenic creme with allergy sufferers in mind. We have made a point of keeping our cremes free from common allergens such as nut products, bee products, lanolin and synthetic fragrances. Limiting the ingredients has meant we have a 100% natural and gentle creme that really does work.


How to use our products

We have tried to cover the basics with our soap and creme range. Our soap for sensitive skin can be used daily and is vegetable based with no nasty harsh chemicals. You can use it all over your body and also in your hair if you suffer from eczema or psoriasis in your hair.

Our Pure Peony Sensitive creme can be applied all over the body also and we developed it to give your body a break from steroids. We often tell people when they ask where they should use it to put it where ever they would have put steroid cremes in the past. It should replace the need to use steroid based cremes.

What if I have a flare up?

Everyone is different and so I can only comment on this from my own experience with my children. When we have bad flare ups in our family and you might get a weeping inflamed patch of eczema we apply the creme in a thick layer and then cover it with a crepe bandage over night and then remove the bandage and rub more creme on in the morning. If the itching is bad we will keep it covered while the creme works. The crepe bandage seems to work really well at increasing the efficacy of the creme and the active ingredient Paeoniflorin. Tubi-grip bandage can also be used here and we often will use that and then throw it in the wash after use. Repeating this approach over a period of about 3-4 days will address the flare up. If after that time you are still suffering badly then perhaps check if the area is infected and see a chemist or doctor for help.

Can I put this creme on my face?

Our Pure Peony Sensitive creme and in fact all our cremes are fine to put on your face. Our youngest son has a dry white film of eczema on his face and red itchy cheeks. If he uses the creme daily on his face this goes away. However if he doesn’t put the creme on then it comes back. Winter is particularly bad as the air is so drying to skin. Twice daily applications on his face seems to work well for winter.

My hands are cracked with eczema will your creme help?

When my mother used to cross the road with my son and hold his hand she would always tell me he had ‘old mans hands’ and she was right, the skin was dry and creased, wrinkled and cracked and sore. The Pure Peony Sensitive creme applied morning and night has returned his hands to normal 10 year old hands! When things are really bad like after spending time in the snow or outdoors during winter he will often put the creme on and then wear his cotton gloves to bed. This makes sure that the creme stays on his hands and really works. The addition of the gloves worn while he sleeps (purchased from a chemist) makes the world of difference to hands.