On an evening we like nothing more once the kids are in bed to sit down with a cup of tea and watch one of the many shows on TV about moving to the country. It would be fair to say we are a little bit addicted to them! It almost seems like yesterday when we confidently purchased our first rural block and made the move ourselves but when I look at our youngest son I realise it was 6 years ago and he was just a bump back then!

Well we have never looked back and when we were asked to enter the Enterprising Rural Women’s Awards we thought what a fantastic competition to be part of. We are trying really hard to build a business that showcases the healing benefits of Peony root so the chance to tell our story to other women who are working equally hard on their blocks of land doing amazing things was a brilliant opportunity.

It’s really exciting to see that our local newspaper has also picked up our story. Click on the article to see what they said:

Tasman Leader