White Peony Root – Bai Shao Yao 150gms


White Peony Root – New Zealand grown, organically dried. Traditionally used for hormonal balance, liver tonic and arthritis as an infusion. FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING NZ WIDE

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Dried White Peony Root used in herbal/homeopathic remedies. This is the dried root available from our farm just harvested in the Dove Valley, Nelson, New Zealand. Bag 150gms

Traditional dosage of white peony root is 2-6gm per day and can be made into a tea. Use just off boiling water (boiling water will make it taste bitter) and steep for 4-7 minutes or even longer if desired. You can add it to your favourite herbal tea like chamomile or peppermint. Peony root can be used three times before discarding.

To make a decoction from the root please follow the link here: How to make a herbal decoction



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