Peony Plants

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We no longer sell peony tubers to the public.

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Want to grow your own peonies in your garden?

Tips on growing peonies:

When to plant

Autumn is the best time to plant peonies when the tubers are dormant.

Where to plant a peony

You need to select your area for planting your peonies carefully. Peonies, like all plants have likes and dislikes! They need a good square meter of clear space to allow their roots to grow and so they are not competing for nutrients in the soil. Crowding will keep your plant small and with only a few blooms.

Peonies don’t like living in the shadows, so don’t plant next to over-hanging plants such as trees or hedges, keep their surroundings clear.

Peonies love sun in the Spring and Summer and frosts in the winter. Frosts are vital for peonies and if you don’t get frosts where you live then I am sorry you wont have much success growing peonies.

Peonies are not keen on too much water so don’t water them unless you are in a drought!

In the Autumn you will need to cut down any foliage left on your plant.

How to plant your peony

When you plant your tuber don’t plant too deep, a peony likes about 2 inches of soil above the eyes, just like the photo below.



What to feed them

Peonies like high potassium. There are many fertilisers available that are recommended for potatoes, or strawberries – these fertilisers have a high K rating (10+) Use this type of fertiliser but don’t over do it, peonies are not gross feeders.

Dealing with peony problems

Botrytis (grey mould) is the most common disease of peonies and this can be sprayed for with a fungicide in the spring. It causes blackening of leaves, and patches of stems rot, often just at or below ground level. Sometimes it may look like your flower stems fell over. Fungicides such as copper can help fix this. For the home gardener, careful removal of diseased parts as they occur can help control the disease.


There are lots of guides online to assist in growing and planting peonies. We are members of the New Zealand Paeony Society. They have lots of helpful tips on their site should you want to know more just click this link. NZPaeonies