Do we need more regulation on natural products?

From growing the root right through to the marketing of our skincare, we make sure we can guarantee the quality and efficacy of our products.  Our soil has been independently tested and proven free of heavy metals.  Our root has been independently tested to prove high levels of the active ingredient, Paenoflorin that has been scientifically proven as anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory and help the skin heal itself.  Our products are produced under GMP (good manufacturing process) and our labels approved by TAPS PP5838 so any claims we are making we can substantiate.  While that’s not true for every natural product, do we need more regulation? Are there safety concerns with natural products?  Do consumers need more information?  Will the proposed Natural Products Bill be good for consumers of natural products or as is claimed, just squeeze out the smaller businesses and take away natural options? Listen to both sides of the argument and feel free to tell us what you think.

Photo of Kathryn Ryan

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