For years every night our boys would scratch and scratch and we really had nothing to help them other than steriod creams and antihistomine. It is a really hard thing to watch and feeling powerless to help is really upsetting. Ezcema is a horrible thing to have and our hearts go out to any parents dealing with this situation. At the moment at Dove River we are testing our creams for itchy, inflamed skin. Our products are all completely natural and so we know they will not harm but as added confidence our ezcema suffering sons are our first testers along with some of their friends. I wouldn’t recommend anything for kids unless I had tried it with my sons first. Our eldest is 9 years old now and desperate to try the new creams as he loved our first batch and with 9 years experience with different creams I think he knows a thing or two about stopping the itching by now!

If you would like to join our list of testers please let us know by emailing us as we would love to increase our community of testers with itchy, ezcema or inflamed, irritated skin. Email us