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The combination of summer hot weather, outdoor playgrounds and stuffy dusty classrooms, school pools and the stress of going back to school can combine to flare up that eczema you have worked so hard to keep under control.

Here are our 6 tips for managing eczema in school age kids:

  1. Keep doing what has worked over the holiday period – with the added stress of getting kids off to school in time and dealing with exhausted kids at the end of the day, it’s easy to slip up on the good habits and routines you have had running over summer. So, whatever you have been doing that has worked – keep doing it!
  2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise – using only products suitable for eczema skin. Apply liberally BEFORE sunscreen. We keep our eczema crème in the car so we can make sure our children apply to their hands, face, feet and legs on the way to school – and on the way home. That way we know it’s on! We’ve found that using DoveRiver crème 2 times a day has meant our children haven’t had to use steroid crème at all over this summer!
  3. Encourage your child to re-apply their skin care moisturiser after they swim in the school swimming pool – that extra moisturising plus antibacterial properties will really help their skin. We have a travel size crème that our eldest has in his swimming bag and when he gets changed after his swim he uses it on his hands and feet to stop the pool chlorine drying out and irritating his skin. The DoveRiver crème he uses doesn’t smell, it’s not greasy and the packaging is subtle so he doesn’t mind using it at school. It’s harder to get our youngest child to remember to do it – so we get him to take a short cool shower when he get home after being in the pool and then re-apply his skin care moisturiser then
  4. Dress in clothes that will keep them cool – material that breathes and is washed regularly. We can use a sensitive skin washing powder with a long rinse cycle– but make sure the powder you use doesn’t aggravate or irritate the skin and wash togs and towels regularly.
  5. Encourage them to drink plenty of water – keeping hydrated is really important. With all the activity happen at school, it can be easy to forget to drink plenty of water. Make sure they take a full water bottle – and check that it is empty when they get home from school. Provide lots of cool drinking water before they have their after school snack!
  6. Talk to your child’s teacher about their eczema and what triggers or aggravates it– it might be the school mat or plants in the school ground. Sometimes just making sure they can sit on a cushion (with a removable cover which you can wash regularly) rather than on the mat can make all the difference.

Eczema can be really distressing – for you and your children. We tried multiple moisturisers in the search of an effective natural crème that wasn’t steroid based to help soothe our son’s inflamed, itchy eczema skin. In the end we developed our own 100% natural peony based skincare crème – its effective, it works, and it’s natural. By using it daily and avoiding things that irritate their skin – like certain foods, dust and detergents, we’ve finally been able to reduce the use of steroids and anti-histamines – and reduce the stress to us and them. So don’t give up – keep searching for products that work for you and your family and share with us your top tips for managing eczema  on to be in the draw to win one of 10 free eczema crèmes valued at $18 each.