Welcome to our first blog post. We have had such amazing support of our products and our story that we thought you might like to know more about what is going on at Dove River Peonies.We hope that you will enjoy this blog and feel free to send us comments, advice, questions and more. We love hearing from you!

So Spring has sprung and with it the excitement of our first organic peony season. The plants have shot out of the ground this year after a cold and frosty winter and along side the plants the grass is starting to grow! This presents organic horticultural operations world over with a huge dilemma. Do I spray or mow? Or both! As new comers to organics I did what I always do when presented with a problem like this, I researched it.

Peonies early Spring

Early Spring – Peonies just coming through

So the options I’ve found are a Pine based organic herbicide, or a very narrow push mower to get down our rows and some muscle to push the mower! So yesterday I dropped off our rather old and beaten up push mower at the shop for a service and today we will start the journey of mowing rows in a 10 acre paddock – let us know your thoughts, am I mad?! I can’t help but feel there must be an easier way! Apparently guinea pigs can be useful here but they breed like wild fire!