Dove Peonies - D&G

Dove River Peonies is a family business dedicated to producing quality organic Peony based products to enable our customers to benefit from the amazing qualities found within the White Peony root.

We’re an established Peony Nursery and 90% of our stems are grown for the export market.
Our interest and product research and development with the incredible properties of the Peony Root has now grown into a business in its own right. Please read about the properties of the peony on our site by clicking here

We produce a range of Peony Root based cremes for sensitive, dry itchy skin, eczema and psoriasis, and soaps for sensitive skin. Our scented range of soaps will invigorate, awaken, pamper and nourish your skin.

We have developed special blends of teas and infusions of Peony Root, Chinese Green Teas, and other complimentary ingredients – all natural of course. Each Tea is specially blended with a specific purpose in mind. From simple relaxation, or rejuvenation, to specific ailments and conditions.

We’re committed to giving back and supporting our local communities.  So far we have donated to support worthy causes including Riding for the Disabled, Whole Lotta Life Foundation (for cancer patients in Nelson), Nelson Womens Centre, Christchurch Earthquake Counsellors, Pink Ribbon Breakfast, Mums Meet Mums, SASH – Nelson, Dovedale Fair Fundraising for the school, Upper Moutere School, Mahana School Fundraiser and more.

Introducing the team at Dove River Peonies…..

Dot and Georgia are directors of Dove River Peonies, New Zealand’s first organic peony root farm and home of  the Pure Peony range of sensitive skincare products to help heal skin naturally.  Both Dot and Georgia are full time at the farm and are passionate about ensuring  quality and traceability, from the root organically grown in our peony patch through to the finished  Pure Peony products.

 Patsy is our Office Manager and has been with us since the very beginning. Her son was one of our first test group for our soap and crème.  Patsy’s background and experience in accounts, office administration, health and fitness management makes her the perfect person to work alongside our customers everyday, making sure orders are processed and dispatched on time and customers questions answered.

 Ida has also been with Dove River Peonies from the beginning, working during the flower season picking and processing cut peony flowers for the domestic and export markets.  Ida has also worked on our root harvest, processing and drying the peony root on site.  You can find Ida at our market stall in Nelson every other weekend, helping sell our full range of products.